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Semagri, high quality starch varieties

Semagri is a supplier of starch monopoly varieties in all potato starch-growing regions. These varieties have been admitted to cultivation in the TPM regions in the Netherlands. On a large number of trial and demo fields in all starch-counting countries, our varieties and new numbers are compared with the existing standard varieties. New numbers are only ranked by us if they have sufficient potential for the relevant growing regions. Any resistances of the numbers are determined by container examinations at renowned laboratories.

The cooperation with Dutch growers and foreign breeding companies ensures that there will always be new varieties with high starch yields, the right resistances in the field of potato fatigue, wart disease, Phytophthora, virus, drought and Altenaria. The storability of the varieties is also an important aspect. The promising hybrids are being tested on various test fields in all European starch-producing countries. The suitability for processing into flakes and granules is researched, as is the percentage of protein in our varieties.

  • Low nitrogen requirement
  • High starch yields
  • Excellent for long storage with few storage losses

  • Also easy to grub up at an early stage
  • High starch production, low sugar content
  • Flake-suitable

  • Sarion has a lower nitrogen requirement
  • High Phytophthora resistance
  • High starch content

  • Good Nematode resistances
  • Good tuber resistance Phytophthora
  • High starch content

  • Good AM resistance
  • Smooth initial development
  • Ideal for early delivery

  • Good storability
  • Regular and high tuber setting
  • Suitable for all soil types

  • Excellent storability with few storage losses
  • Stable yield over the years
  • Very good phytophthora resistance

  • Intended for the early industry supply
  • Very suitable for the lighter soils
  • Good drought tolerance

  • Reliable
  • Good drought resistance
  • Off-country delivery from September

  • Good dormancy
  • High starch content